INARI eCommerce platform has advanced WooCommerce feature. Admin can import products directly from WooCommerce to INARI. To use this feature, go to “WooCommerce > Settings” and add the WooCommerce REST API credentials from the WordPress site.

Import settings

WooCommerce product system and INARI product system are not totally the same, that’s why we need to set some default options to import the products. To achieve this, go to “WooCommerce > Import Settings” and set the default product unit and default product unit of measure (UOM).

Import product

You can import simple products from your WooCommerce WordPress site to INARI (variable products are not supported yet). To achieve this, go to “WooCommerce > Product List”

You can select each product from the check mark on the left side and click on the bulk option, then select import and then press apply. The selected products will be imported. If you haven’t imported any products before, you can import them all at once by clicking the “Import All” button at the top right.

Caution: Importing all products may cause product duplication along with media and server timeouts if the product quantity is huge. Do not leave the window while the product import is in process.

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